A MOMENT – Monica Kagan


Her bare feet strumming the earth,
the dancer weaves her body
in thrall to the guitar riffs.
Flowers fall from her coiled hair
cushioning the soil.

We fragile mortals
lulled by Nature’s tranquil embrace,
our forge of life bequeathed,
we brandish steel and silicon,
possessed by our urge
to harness the world.

But the earth rears
beneath the dancer’s feet
unleashing Nature’s fury.
A shroud of soil and rock
engulfs her hair-coiled head.





Monica Kagan lives by the sea in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa with her wonderful cat. She is a reader at FICTION on the WEB. She is also a contributing writer at Rhythm & Bones Literary Magazine on their blog #Necropolis. Her work appears in Fourth & Sycamore (USA), Bonnie’s Crew (UK), and at FICTION on the WEB (UK), among others. Her poem “Evolution” is forthcoming in Crack the Spine (USA). Twitter: @MonicaOFAH

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