“How to Paint a Lady” by Ogundipe Emmanuel


With him you come to learn
that when a man is called to paint a girl
he paints all of himself.
His tiny songs are the floss in her hair,
the tulips on her blouse are the stories
his sisters told him under half-nights long ago
in the lost country of music. With their half-furls and
follicles and buds and brown twigs that speak more
of withering things. The tiny sigh, the one you almost
didn’t see, the silence in her eyes, is the night his mother
died while he fought rebels in the Nigerian army.



Multi-talented Nigerian born and based photographer OGUNDIPE EMMANUEL first began practicing his art while studying at BUSSINESS ADMINISTRATION in Lagos state polytechnics, Nigeria. Completely self-taught, he fine-tuned his talent at the Happy Photography Institute. He is not a photographer but also into art of drawing, poetry, using photography to document and educate young people. A buzz in the Wedding/Documentary industry for his ability to capture extraordinary beauty in his own provocative way of life. A versatile artist with an eye for colour, he goes against the status quo with remarkable confidence, challenging the conservative culture of his country with his thought-provoking imagery that can be described as vivid and sometimes suggestive. Find him on Facebook (emmans4alls), Twitter (@Lensfield01), Instagram (@emmans4alls), or reach him by email at emmans4alls@yahoo.com


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