“Flash Mob” by Debasis Tripathy


Your thoughts come to me
In the shape of a flash mob
In a public place

Appearing suddenly
Out of nowhere
For a pointless act,

Then disappearing suddenly
To somewhere,
Leaving me alone,

Dazed, not even
Giving me a chance
To applaud…



Debasis Tripathy was always passionate about words, but he started writing seriously a little late.  Since then, within a short span, he has had his writings featured with several reputed journals. To make a living he is stuck in a very crowded city called Bangalore, where he is a married man with a clever son who asks difficult questions. Reach him at d_basis@yahoo.com

2 thoughts on ““Flash Mob” by Debasis Tripathy

  1. It’s a nice way of expressing our thought process….We think n think and sometimes over think dat leaves us to a state of being alone….though I have felt it many a times in life….but this is the real fact n we should carry…..you piece of writing may b just a state of mind….but it has a deep meaning….keep posting

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