“dendrology” by Yvonne Litschel


(‘The leaves
the leaves moved
an ordinary assertion
she is entitled to utter.
<b>It follows
knowledge of leaves and dancing.
<b><b>Consider how
the speaker would be taken.
It might be thought
the leaves had legs,
some degree of strength,
were capable of forming plans.
take her
><b><b>as I have tried
the two have implications
worth his attention.
the proposition:
talk is not truthfulness
truthfulness must receive.
Here there is a clear
when loose talk
is not clear.
<sheds some light on
: the borderline between
will be effortless, will
overtly violated
be taken and shared by
the breeze’).



Yvonne Litschel is a writer from Cambridgeshire, England. Previously she has read as part of the European Poetry Festival. Her debut pamphlet Moth Dust was published January 2018 by Sampson Low. She has a forthcoming pamphlet entitled Immurement set for release in March 2019 with Broken Sleep Books. Find her at her site or on Twitter.



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