Two Poems – Marc Carver

Show Me the Love
In the morning
I watched a film about a boy who was lead to the love of his life by the number 11.
In the shop it was 11 dollars 11
as he went out the clock said 11 11.
He boarded the bus, again number 11
got off and there she was.
I got on my train
about an hour or so later
looked at the time as it pulled out of the station.
11.11 it said so I had a good look around the train
but no
there was no love for me.
I sat on the bench
finished totally  finished
I asked him to send me something
of course he did
knowing that I would fail
and of course he was right.
Marc Carver has published some ten collections of poetry and over two thousand poems on the net but ask him to sit in a room filled with poets and listen to their poems and he will run a mile.

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