emptiness is in the air – Sudeep Adhikari


it is the sunyata* of that movement
of a miniature bug that jitters
in a life-like brownian motion,
but dissolves in silence
to the center of some inevitable
attractors, as i watch
it in complete thoughtlessness.

the butterfly effect gets me
and the diaphanous dance quietly
fans the nodes of an ancient
machine inside my head. i find you
aligned along the locus of my third-eye;

to lose you again inside the fabric
of my despair
painted in the color of an overcast infinity.

there is an ever-present absence
that burns like a deathless flame, coming
out from the unknown cores
of my geological depth.

my devils. they consecrate my gods.





*sunyata-a is the Sanskrit word for “emptiness”



Sudeep Adhikari is a structural engineer/Lecturer from Kathmandu, NepalAlso a Pushcart Prize nominee for the year 2018Sudeep is currently working on his 4th poetry-book “Hyper-Real Reboots”, which is scheduled for publication in September 2018 through Weasel Press, Texas, USA.

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