A Constellation of Oddities – Phil Huffy


Of considerable interest, I find,
are the vintage bicycles used by those
fictive midwives of broadcast notoriety.
I received such a bike many seasons back,
though a bit big at the time, riding it
to places magnificent or mundane
for several years, sometimes with
that same sort of immense headlight as seen
on television.
And in the basement of our old house
was some used medical equipment
from Mom’s old offices. (Yes, Mom.)
Among these being a free standing autoclave
all chromed and boxy, just like on the show.
If it is collectible, I should go collect it.
I would be insensitive, indeed a bad son,
were I not to recall the inoperable
Austin sedan Dad had bought off a wrecker
in the early sixties and stored in a shed.
He was absolutely sure it was the very
same vehicle he had owned years before
and traded in on something else.
His plans for restoration languished,
as did the car itself, then Dad.




Phil Huffy writes all manner of shorter poetry right at his kitchen table.  He often writes about things he has seen or thinks he has seen.  Recent placements include Magnolia Review, Poets Reading The News, 50 Word Stories, and Mad Swirl.

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